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Whale watching and sea-life trips, get up close.

The Channel Islands National Park is a wonderful setting for whale watching along the California coast.  The Channel Islands National Park and National Marine Sanctuary is home to some of the most interesting marine wildlife.

In the oceans in and around the Channel Islands you can spot Humpback Whales, Gray Whales, Finback Whales, Killer Whales (Orcas), and Blue Whales.  The sightings depend on the time of the year and weather patterns, and our captain can get you up close, safe and personal with the awesome marine wildlife right off the coast of Ventura County.

Other Wildlife in and around the Channel Islands

During your whale watching trips, you can also observe other amazing marine wildlife that include porpoise, seals and sea lions along with a wonderful variety of marine birds, including protected and endangered species.

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